Powerful, compact and rugged embedded computers

Octagon Systems®' open architecture rugged embedded computers are designed to meet the requirements of multiple industries. Powerful, compact and rugged, Octagon Systems® embedded computers are completely configurable, have advanced thermal management and are field tested to withstand continuous shock, vibration and high temperatures ranges for extended periods.

Whether it be Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products that meet Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) for Defense, Aerospace and Mining applications or Industrial, Transportation or Internet of Things (IIoT) products, Octagon Systems® can provide a solution that will meet your specific requirements.

TRAX product family
Octagon Systems® is a designer and manufacturer of rugged military-grade computer platforms, and a preferred supplier to military contractors for more than 30 years.
With a wide range of reliable rugged computing platforms from IoT to high performance servers, Octagon products meet the challenges of the demanding aerospace environment.
In today's dynamic mining industry, Octagon's application-ready rugged mining computer platforms set the benchmark in relability, accumulating 120,000,000+ field hours per year.
Octagon Systems® are designed to achieve efficiency, reliability and flexible autonomy for marine applications.
Octagon's in-vehicle computer platforms are designed to meet the diverse IoT requirements of today's Intelligent Transportation Systems industry.
Reliability is crucial for protecting critical information. Octagon Systems® designs and manufactures rugged computer platforms that prioritize security and outmaneuver cyber threats.
Any industry that requires an application to function in challenging environments can depend on Octagon Systems to supply hardware that excels under the most demanding conditions.

Mining equipment constantly challenges hardware by exposing the units to the roughest collection of environments on the planet. Keeping the delicate, sensitive communications & tracking components safe and in working order is essential. Octagon builds that products for us.

We firmly stand behind Octagon as our major supplier of ruggedized, onboard mining computers.

Yoshi Furuno
Former Vice President & COO
Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd.