Application-ready rugged computer platforms built to protect critical data

Octagon’s products are built to thrive in extreme environments while offering reliable safety and security of your critical data. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid speed, protection of data is essential - both on and off the field.

We also offer cyber security solutions tailored to your needs. With dependable technologies such as Trusted Platform Module 2.0, Octagon works with customers directly to ensure each product meets our cyber-security requirements.

C4ISR Data Fusion

Modern network-centric C4ISR systems are built on rugged platforms that process and deliver information for decisions in a pan-domain architecture.

For land, naval and air deployments, Octagon Systems® delivers data in extreme conditions with VANGUARD™, ECHELON, and CUTLASS servers. From high performance multicore servers to small-form factor embedded systems, Octagon is backed by 30 years of field-proven reliability in global environments.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning all rely on computing platforms to deliver extreme performance.

Octagon Systems® delivers performance at the edge and the core with high performance multi-CPU and GPU systems for embedded and rackmount server environments. High throughput networking connections deliver your data efficiently and reliably to take advantage of advanced algorithms without bottlenecks.

IoT Industry 4.0

Bringing advanced technology to the factory floor or remote locations with field-proven Octagon Systems® can advance your Industry 4.0 solution.

Octagon TRAX™ platforms bring IoT wireless networking and data processing to the system edge for maximum benefit and ROI. Make your Industry 4.0 transition successful with the proven reliability of 30 years’ experience and global installations in extreme environments to deliver the data you need.

5G IoT Ready

Octagon TRAX™ is 5G wireless-ready to bring big data solutions to your network. With proven reliability in extreme environments, the wide range of TRAX™ edge computing platforms leads to a perfect fit for maximizing ROI in your IoT ecosystem.

Our products use multiple standard sensor networking interfaces, leading to efficient deployments for Industry 4.0 IoT transitions.

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All-purpose rugged 19” rackmount servers for critical systems

The VANGUARD™ Series of extreme rugged defense servers are designed with heavy-duty, machined aluminum alloy using overlapped extrusions for superior torsional strength with EMC/EMI compliance to MIL-STD461.

Small form factor mission server

The Cutlass Series of extreme rugged defence servers are designed with heavy-duty machined aluminum alloy, using overlapped extrusions for superior torsional strength with EMC/EMI compliance to MIL-STD-461.

Ultra high-density storage 19” rackmount rugged servers

Exclusive rapid swap drive carrier allows all 16 drives to be removed at once or hot-swapped individually as required, minimizing service interruption, and maximizing flexibility. SAS-3 drive interfaces deliver ultimate storage throughput with 12 Gb/s speed and available dual-redundancy RAID controller ensures data integrity. Secure, reliable, compact storage has never been this capable. Until now.