Ensuring critical data is secure and protected in extreme environments, the Echelon Secure Storage Server delivers unprecedented storage density of 16 drives in a 2U rack mount space.

Exclusive rapid swap drive carrier allows all 16 drives to be removed at once or hot-swapped individually as required, minimizing service interruption, and maximizing flexibility. SAS-3 drive interfaces deliver ultimate storage throughput with 12 Gb/s speed and available dual-redundancy RAID controller ensures data integrity. Secure, reliable, compact storage has never been this capable. Until now.

Storage Problem Solver

For your data storage mission, the Echelon rapid swap drive carrier allows removal of all 16 drives at once without tools while the locking handle ensures integrity in-place. Individual drives are hot-swappable and removable with a thumb latch. For mission recording, pull the carrier and place into the high impact carrying case for remote analysis or backup.

Maximizing Throughput

Multiple high throughput 12 Gb/s SAS-3 interfaces deliver full bandwidth to the 16 wide drive carrier. Available dual SAS-3 redundancy ensures data integrity for no-fail mission success. Delivering data to the dual Xeon® CPUs and 4 x 16 lane PCI-E slots is assured with maximum throughput designed-in from the start.

High Performance Dual Xeon® Gold CPUs

High Performance Dual Xeon® Gold CPUs

Computer SSD

High Density 16/32 Hot Swappable Drives


22” Chassis Depth


Certified to MIL-STD Ruggedness