Optical Film Enhancements

Due to the fact that many Octagon rugged monitors and embedded LCD computers operate in high light environments, Octagon uses various passive enhancements to increase the sunlight readability of the touch screen. Octagon touch panels utilize an anti-glare surface coating, in addition to an anti-reflective internal coating on the back and front of the LCD behind the surface coating. Octagon incorporates transflective backlight enhancement film as well. The enhancements adapt to the index of refraction to decrease reflection thereby increasing the ratio of contrast and maximizing overall daylight viewability in high ambient light environments.

Optical Bonding

The real problem with LCD outdoor viewability is contrast, not brightness. Contrast is the ratio of the white level to the black level. Or, said another way, a display’s contrast ratio is the difference in light intensity between the brightest white pixel and the darkest black pixel. In this situation we’re talking about “extrinsic” contrast, meaning a reading taken from a distance that accounts for ambient light and reflections. (The contrast ratio in a display’s specifications sheet is “intrinsic” contrast, measured at the surface of the screen in a dark room.) Increasing the extrinsic contrast ratio improves the outdoor viewability. Multiple tests have been conducted to show the increased benefits of optically bonded panels. Scratch resistance testing was conducted using Octagon's special adhesive. Tests proved that scratch resistance was increased by 300% over non-bonded display surfaces.

Touch Screen

Octagon’s Hardened Armoured Touch Screen technology is a glass armoured resistive technology and is an excellent alternative to standard resistive when durability is an issue. This ruggedized touch screen is a proven technology deployed in thousands of applications worldwide. A micro-thin sheet of borosilicate glass is laminated to the ITO polyester top sheet used in the typical construction of resistive touch sensors. This process produces a flexible glass membrane which is scratch resistant, waterproof and impervious to chemicals, fire and stylus use. The resulting touch sensor is ideally suited to Military, Industrial, Mining, First Responders, Public Kiosk and many more.


We plan to launch more Tough-Touch® models in the future. Specifically, more size options will be made available, including 10.4", 12.1", 13.3", and 15.6". Contact us for more information.