Lightweight & Compact Enclosure

VIPER is a COTS general purpose 24 port (20 copper + 4 fiber optic) managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch. VIPER is packaged in a reliable, lightweight, and compact MIL-STD-810 certified enclosure with dual-redundant AC/DC power supply equipped to cover multiple applications.

Extremely Rugged

Built with militarized connectors and fan-less internal designs, VIPER products have IP ratings to withstand dust, sand, and water. Additionally, the connectors have the benefit of secure-locking to ensure the wire harnesses do not come loose under heavy shock & vibration conditions.

Flexible Feature Implementation

VIPER utilizes the Xilinx Zync UltraScale+ EG FPGA MPSoC device. The Zync UltraScale+ EG utilizes multi ARM processors and a Mali GPU. Additionally, it has programmable logic to ensure flexible new feature implementations required in next generation applications.

L3 Layer Functionality

On top of a wide-range of L2 features, the VIPER provides L3 functionality to implement VLAN with flow accounting and high-speed scalability such as IPv4/IPv6, dynamic routing, multicast IP routing (BGPv4, BGPv6, OSPFv2, and RIPv2), IGMP snooping, static routing, and DSCP TOS.


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