In collaboration with ESL Technology Inc., Octagon Systems® offers in-house testing services in our environment lab in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a result, we have full control over the scheduling of equipment, tests, and personnel.

Quality assurance plays a crucial role to ensure products meet the criteria relevant to their use cases. Published standards define how devices should be tested to ensure compliance. This includes environmental effects such as drop, shock, fog, humidity, sand, vibration, leakage, explosions, and more.

The value of testing before a product is released cannot be overstated. Performing applicable and relevant environmental tests at product design, prototype, or final production phases will ultimately reduce your overall warranty program costs. Octagon Systems® uses our in-house testing to ensure your product operates as specified in the environment for which it was designed.

Quality Standards

Our quality management system is AS9100D certified and our processes for design, manufacturing and testing are in compliance with worldwide ISO standards. Octagon Systems® complies with IPC standards, and our production staff are trained and certified to IPC-A-610.

Testing Standards

Selected Octagon products are designed for extreme environment mission critical applications. By meeting MIL-STD 810 qualification for shock, vibration, and thermal extremes as well as MIL-STD 461, and RTCA DO-160 electrical and EMC/EMI qualifications, products benefit from solid, reliable performance and extended lifetimes.

EMC Certification

Many international standards require a written report of EMC test results. As part of our EMC program, a ‘report of measurement’ is created that outlines the data collection and assessment process. A summary of the information is then generated. The EMC Certificate of Assessment is available upon request.

Immunity Testing

We use the latest signal generation equipment to simulate electrically noisy environments where incidental radiation from sources such as collapsing fields might damage or alter the circuitry of our boards. We also test computer performance under ESD, power supply, fast transient and surge conditions. This brutal testing simulates the real world where reliability counts. Printed test reports are available to OEM customers.